About Asiasec Equities Inc.

Asiasec Equties Inc. (AEI) is a wholly-owned Philippine-based brokerage company that was incorporated in November 1989 with an authorized capital of P100 million. The capitalization was later increased to P200 million in January 1997. AEI has proven to be adequately financed, and is among the higher capitalization brokers in the industry. The company was granted by the Securities and Exchange Commision (SEC) the license to operate as a dealer of Philippine securities and broker-member of the Makati Stock Exchange since its inception, then later with the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE) after the merger of the two local bourses. The company's seat is allocated in the PSE-Ayala trading floor. Presently, ASIASEC has a manpower complement of twenty (20). Yet, despite its small workforce, it can easily boast of one of the better-personalized services in the industry.

AEI has consistently ranked among the top 25 brokers of the Philippine Stock Exchange throughout its existence. In the July 2015 rankings realesed by the PSE, the company placed 17th.

AEI has consistenly provided efficient and professional services to its clients. As a result, both its sales and backroom personnel have been considered as among the more organized in the industry.